Company philosophy

      Huadian services work closely around the needs of users, all for the sake of users. "In front of the user, do in front of the request." Developed a strict service standards, the establishment of a high standard service system, carry forward the "hard I am one, warm 10 million" spirit of service, "I if the user, how would I think ", Put themselves in place for the sake of users. Through the thoughtful and meticulous work to humane, moving type of service, to provide customers with all-round professional "family" service, so that users worry-free, happy consumption.
Service three characteristics
① The whole process: high standard services from the early research, consulting to after-sales service to the whole process, and through product upgrades, making it an ever-increasing integration of services to ensure the user peace of mind to use the company's products.
② full participation: the company set up a "second-line services for the first line, full service to users," the idea of participation in production and services to all employees of all processes are responsible for the attitude of the customer to ensure that in accordance with the perfect service requirements for each .
③ personalized service: According to different customer types, the use of differentiated services, to meet the individual needs of customers.