SR0SR-0802 Power Supply Sequencer Features:
1.8 way to play the current control power supply output, single-channel maximum current 30A.
2. Front panel with the master switch and manual control buttons, power indicator, relay switch status indicator.
3. Use multi-function power outlet, compatible with GB, American standard, European standard and other specifications of two-core and three-core power plug, without additional conversion plug.
4. Provides the interlocking function output, may safely control the projector electric screen lift frame, as well as the electric curtain and the electrical equipment.
5. Protocol and interface openness, through the RS-232 international general agreement control, may coordinate in the market all intelligence to control the system, the touch screen, the wall board.
6. With the mains voltage display, at any time to monitor the stability of the mains voltage.
7. Up to 225 cascading cascades can control up to 2040 power supply.
8. After cascading only through a button or a command to switch all cascaded devices.
9. Standard 19-inch cabinet 1U ultra-thin design.
10. This product can be used in the command and control center, a large multi-media conference hall, multi-function hall, training center, school multimedia classrooms, senior villas, hotels, intelligent home and other peripherals to achieve centralized power intelligent unified management and control.

802 Power Supply Sequencer Functional Description:
◆ 8 sequence output, the input voltage AC110V-240V, the output is AC110V-240V.
◆ Maximum output current capacity per channel 30A / 60s or 10Ams
◆ Timing control 30 milliseconds per step time interval wall
◆ standby operation, all bypass, separate bypass function
◆ Each output with a light
◆ universal socket
◆ large precision LCD display mains voltage

SR0802 Power Supply Sequencer Specifications:
Rated output voltage: AC 220V, 60Hz
Controlled power supply: 8-way 2-way fixed
Each action delay time: 30 milliseconds
Power supply: VAC 50 / 60Hz 30A
Single output power rating: 30A