Vi16 Features:

◆ 16 input channel, 10 mic input , 2 stereo line input

◆ 1-8(6) CH are with swept 3-band MF EQ, 9/10-11/12 channels with 3-band EQ,13/14-15/16 channels with 2-band EQ

◆ 6 group bus(stereo+4 group), three AUX sending and one stereo return

◆ 1 AUX send/STEREO return

◆ 3-BAND EQ(swept MF) and high pass filter;

◆ 3-band stereo graphic EQ

◆ High precision 3 -color electric level pole precisely display output level.

◆ Built-in digital effects; with durable and light-weighted design, can be fitted with rack mounting;

◆ 60MM high level analysis fader.

◆ External squelch power supply, convenient and flexible operation

   Vi16 Technical Specification:
Total harmonic distortion: less than 0.1% (THD + N)
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz + 1dB / -3dB
Equivalent input noise: Rs = 150Ω GAIN:
Maximum value: -128 dBu
Residual output noise: -99 dBu
The channel is in the mute state: -70dB
Headphone output power: 75mW (1KHz, THD = 0.5%, 100Ω)
Crosstalk: -70dB Mono / Stereo High Pass Filter: 80Hz -120Hz 12dB / oct
Mono equalizer: High: 10KHz ± 15dB, medium: 250Hz-5KHz ± 15dB, low: 100Hz ± 15dB
Stereo equalizer: High: 10KHz ± 15dB, medium high: 3KHz ± 15dB, low: 800Hz ± 15dB, low: 100Hz ± 15dB
Input and output impedance: Microphone input: 3KΩ Suitable impedance 50-600Ω microphone
Mono input: 10KΩ Suitable impedance 600Ω line
Stereo input: 10KΩ for the impedance of 50-600Ω microphone, line
Recording Input Impedance: 10KΩ Applicable Impedance 600Ω Line
Main output impedance: 150Ω
Group output impedance: 150Ω AUX
Output impedance: 150Ω
Recording output impedance: 600Ω
Power consumption: 35W