Company Profile

      Enping Huadian Electronics Co., Ltd. is a science and technology-oriented enterprises, set professional audio research and development, production, sales and technical services, with modern production lines and advanced detection equipment, establish and improve sales and after-sales service of audio manufacturers.
Product direction: Committed to entertainment, business, teaching, conference and multi-purpose hall and other places widely used.
       R & D: high-quality hardware, software, electro-acoustic engineers, graphic designers, so that we have a strong new product development strength, the core technology completely owned.
     Performance: high-quality raw materials, make full use of the advantages of resources around the world. Strict quality control procedures to ensure that the superior performance, so that products have a higher price and competitive advantage.
     Technology: Seiko manufacturing, quality comes first. Quality is the life of enterprises, inherited the stringent requirements, special surface treatment process is completely different from the traditional way of design, high-end elegant professional charm.
     Service: We would like to loyalty, our integrity, our professional, and improve after-sales service tracking, think you want, you need. Customer recognition and acceptance in line with our corporate values. This is a detail of the winning time, the details of competition has become the most important part of brand competition, Huadian products, excellent details of the design enough to make it control the initiative, come to the fore.