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10 channels audio mixer Rack Mount

Features : ◆ 10 Channels inputs (6 mono mic inputs + 2stereo inputs) ◆ Switchable 48V phantom powering on ech mono microphone channel. ◆ Built-in 16 DSP effect. ◆ 4 buses (2 stereo+2 group), ◆ 2 AUX send (AUX1 send pre-fader, AUX2 send post-fader)1 stereo returns ◆ 2 band EQ ( High: 12KHz, Low: 100Hz) ◆ Mono and main output equipped with INS jack. ◆ True balance XLR output ◆ PHONES and MONITOR output ◆ RCA Input and Record output ◆ Highly accurate 10 segment 3-color meter ◆ 60 mm high level analysis fader ◆ Built-in switching power.

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    Frequency Response Mic/Line input to any output, 20Hz-20KHz ;± 0.5dB
    Total Harmonic distortion +noise -30dBuinput to mix, mic gain30dB,< 0.007%
    Tone mix@max ,faders down<-85dBu
    Crossover Mute:>96dB,fader cut-off:>96dB
    Aux send offnes : >86dB
    Input and outputimpedence Mic input:2.4KΩ,Line input: 11KΩ
    Stereo input: 100KΩ,outputs: 75Ω
    Input &output levels HF Shelving ±17dB
    Line input max level:+30dBu
    Stereo input max level:+30dBu
    Mix output max level:+20dBu
    Headphone output max level: 300mw/200Ω
    Mono channel input HF: 12KHz±15dB
    LF: 80Hz,±15dB
    Output level L & R mix output level is 12 segment of LED indicator
    Working condition Temperature:-10℃~+30℃
    Power supply Integrating light-duty switch power supply
    AC input:100v-240v; 50/60Hz
    Power consumption >30W
    • 12 channels audio mixer Rack Mount

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