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Switching power amplifier 2channels 600W

◆ Aluminum alloy brushed anodizing process panel, fashionable streamlined unique appearance patent design ◆ Perfect short circuit protection, no-load protection, switching machine noise and radio interference protection ◆ Strong exhaust fan cooling, air convection mechanism after going to ◆ Seamlessly connected to the H-class topology, the perfect combination ◆ AI plug-in and SMT patch automation process to strictly control product consistency ◆ Mature and stable switching power supply line, low frequency is strong and thick, medium frequency is round and sweet, high frequency is clear and delicate ◆ Powerful, stable, sound quality, lightweight, suitable for bars, large stage performances, weddings, KTV ◆ 483MM standard rack structure, 2U two-channel design, the body light and easy to carry

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    Power model DP600
    8 Ω dual channel (simultaneous output) 600W(1kHz(EIA) with 0.5% THD)
    4 Ω dual channel (simultaneous output) 1000W(1kHz(EIA) with 0.5% THD)
    8 Ω dual channel (simultaneous output) 2000W(1kHz(EIA) with 0.5% THD)
    Speaker impedance matching 8 Ω/4 Ω (2 Ω cannot be connected)
    Frequency Response(at 1 Watt ) 20Hz-20kHz,+0/-1dB
    Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) <0.5%,20Hz-20kHz
    Intermodulation Distortion(IMD) 60HZ and 7kHZ at 4:1,from full rated output to -30dB: <0.35%
    Slew Rate >10V/us
    Damping Factor (8 ohm),10Hz-400Hz:>200
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio (below rated power,20Hz to 20kHz,A-weighted): >100dB
    Crosstalk (below rated power) At 1kHz: -75dB At 20kHz: -59dB
    input Sensitivity fro full rated power at 8 ohm: 0.775V or 1.4V
    Dimensions W x H x D (mm) 482 X 88 X 230
    Weight 10.0kg
    • Switching power amplifier 2channels 600W

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