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32 channels sound console vocal concert

Features : ◆6 Balance microphone input and 2 stereo input 2 audio groups,3 AUX sending channels ◆ High quality, low noise microphone input ◆ Low-noise preamplifier with strong anti-jamming power ◆ High quality +48V phantom power for microphone input ◆ Equipped with Signal insertion point offered by high-end ◆ mixing console, convenient to connect with externalsignal processor. ◆ 3-band E Q with swept MF which can be adjusted from 140Hz to 3 KHz, England style ◆ 3 groups of AUX output, optional for pre fader or post fader ◆ Built-in DSP effect processor,4 groups of master line ◆Unique double-ended SMT circuit designing, guarantees stable and reliable performance ◆ 100MM high level analysis fader ◆ MP3 player with USB input

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    Maximum input level Mic +34dBu(inc pad); CH Line +34dBu; Other Line +20dBu
    Maximum output level XLR +26dBu; Jack +20dBu
    Upper limit of internal level Channels +20dB; Mix +22dB
    Level meter 3 colour LED, quasi peak response
    Sensitivity 0VU=+4dBu at XLR output
    Total volume control level meter 12 segment -30dB-(+16dB)
    Frequency response 20Hz-50kHz +/-0.5dB
    Mic CMRR(1kHz) >80dB typical
    THD+N(+14dBu 1kHz) Channel to mix out <0.003%
    Crosstalk (1kHz) Fader shutoff >90dB; Mute shutoff >90dB; Inter channel >90dB
    Noise (effective value 22Hz-22kHz Mic EIN -128dB; Residual output noise <-96dBu(-100dB S/N)
    LR mix noise 16 routed <-86dBu(-90dB S/N)
    Group mix noise 16 routed <-86dBu (-90dB S/N)
    Aux mix noise 16 routed <-92dBu(-90dB S/N)
    Mix noise 16 line 0dB gain <-86dB S/N
    Channel HPF 12dB/octave below 100Hz
    Mono EQ HF Shelving ±15dB,12kHz
    HM Peak/dip ±15dB,240Hz-3kHz,Q=1.8
    LM Peak/dip ±15dB,35Hz-1kHz,Q=1.8
    LF Shelving ±15dB,80Hz
    Stereo EQ HF Shelving ±15dB,12kHz
    HM Peak/dip ±15dB,2.5kHz,Q=1.8
    LM Peak/dip±15dB,250Hz,Q=1.8
    LF Shelving ±15dB,80Hz
    • 32 channels sound console vocal concert

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