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8 channels mixing console MP3

Features : ◆ Mixer effect of ultra-thin, 2 marshalling, digital display device mixer ◆ Mixer EQ 3 period of British style ◆ The structure of the mixer ultra-thin design, compact and simple appearance ◆ Built-in power, low noise ◆ 8 road mono input, can be an external effect ◆ Mixer + 48 v phantom power supp y ◆ Two groups around the main output, two marshalling output ◆ Listening to the powerful, can monitor all input and output side ◆ 24 bit pieces of high quality digital display effect ◆ MP3 player function, equipped with SD card and USB interface

Product number:EX802

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    Model 20Hz-20KHz
    Frequency >90dB
    Respons >80dB
    Signal/noise ratio Hi
    Channel Separation (+-15dB12KHz)Mid
    Parametric EQ Alto
    Parametric EQ (+-15dB2.5KHz)Low
    Parametric EQ Bass (+- 15dB80Hz)
    Input 40K Ω balance/20K Ω
    Impedance 200 Ω balanced/100 Ω uneven
    Output Impedance 220V/AC/50Hz
    Power Supply 30W
    • 8 channels mixing console MP3

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