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Feedback suppressor

◆ Each channel 12 independent digital notch filter from 40Hz ~ 20kHz control ◆ Filter bandwidth: Users can control, or 1 / 10 octave or 1 / 5 octave,constant Q value,and resolution of 1Hz ◆ To find and eliminate the time required for feedback: 0.4 seconds, a typical value of 1kHz; ◆ Activity filters per channel with a fixed number of filters: Users can choose the final configuration stored in memory; ◆ Activity filters timer : Active filter release time of 1, 5, 30 or 60 minutes. ◆ Input / output maximum signal levels: balanced input / lose +27 dBV, peak, unba anced+21 dBV, peak; ◆ Output driver: unit access provisions of the drive a> 600Ω load; ◆ Input impedance: balanced or not balanced input impedance> 40KΩ, 2 feet high; ◆ Output impedance: balanced or unbalanced output impedance 150Ω, 2 feet high; ◆ Pong Tong: The real power shut-off Pong Tong; ◆ Peak space: General 4dBV ba anced input, the maximum peak to +23 dB;I / C Connector: XLR-3 and 1 / 4 "TRS

Product number:FBX2420

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    Wave filter 12 independent digital notch filters per channel, automatically controlled from 40Hz to 20KHz
    Filter bandwidth The user can control, either 1/10 octave or 1/5 octave, constant Q value and division rate of 1Hz;
    Time to find and eliminate feedback 0.4 seconds, typical value 1KHz
    Passageway Number of dynamic filters and fixed filters per channel
    User selection The last configuration is stored in memory
    Dynamic filter timer The release time of the dynamic filter is 1, 5, 30 or 60 minutes
    I/O Maximum signal level of I/O, balanced I/O+27dBV, peak, unbalanced+21dBV, peak
    Output drive The unit is required to drive a load>600 Ω
    Input impedance Balanced or unbalanced input impedance>40K Ω, 2-pin high level
    Output impedance Balanced or unbalanced output impedance 150 Ω, 2-pin high level
    Paraganglia Real power off and on
    Peak space Generally 4dB balanced input, maximum peak value is+23dB
    1/0 connector XLR-3 and 1/4 TRS
    • Digital Effector Processor

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