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Professional Power Amplifier 2 channels 1000W

◆ Super large capacity switching power amplifier. ◆ Automatic limiting output, short circuit, overload, over temperature, startup delay and other protection functions. ◆ The power amplifier is equipped with a delayed start system to protect the speaker from damage due to impact. ◆ The cooling fan is controlled by an advanced stepless speed change circuit. ◆ 1U design, light body, easy to carry and install.

Product number:DMX2.10

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    The DMX2 series is a benchmark in the D technology industry because of its good quality, reliability, stability, and attention to detail.

    The fixed frequency design of pulse width modulation can ensure optimal performance and high predictability, and protect the module from the influence of intermodulation components.

    Form factor and modular design provide maximum flexibility and scalability for each application. Powerful and flexible signal processing tools allow users to adjust the performance of the module to match your design perfectly. A complete set of protection functions can protect your design.



    Maximum output power of each channel 8 Ω 1000w
    Maximum output power of each channel 4 Ω 1400w
    Maximum output power 8 Ω bridge 2200w
    • Professional Power Amplifier 2 channels 1000W

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