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◆ 8-way channel structure. ◆ A set of main channel balanced Kalon male output and a set of unbalanced output ◆ A set of grouped unbalanced outputs. ◆ AUX1 (before the pusher),AUX2 (after the pusher) two auxiliary output. ◆ A set of stereo return input. ◆ Each channel has a full 48V phantom power supply and is equipped with an independent switch. ◆ Each channel is equipped with 20db input attenuator. ◆ Each channel is equipped with Senior high school low 3-stage equalization adjustment. ◆ Built-in 128 kinds of DSP professional effect processor. ◆ Built-in MP3 player: can support USB input, support wireless Bluetooth reception playback. Support connected computer playback. ◆ Main output configuration five-segment stereo equalization. ◆ Support can be directly through the channel input U disk recording. ◆ Each channel is equipped with a monitor button, which can monitor the real-time dynamics of each channel at any time. ◆ Each channel with mute button and equipped with the main output and marshalling output channel switch. ◆ 60MM stroke dust fader. ◆ Built-in 30W professional power supply switching power supply.

Product number:AX802

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  • frequency response
    20HZ-20KHZ ±1dB
    Total harmonic distortion and noise
    Maximum output level +18dbm(1KHZ,THD=0.05%)
    signal-to-noise ratio >90db
    Crosstalk >70db
    Mono Equalizer High: 12KHz ± 15dB,
    Medium: 2.5KHz ± 15dB
    Low l : 80Hz ± 15dB
    input impedance Microphone input Mic input : 10Ω
    Mono input: 4.7KΩ
    output impedance ≤ 47Ω
    Power supply 110-220V/AC 50Hz/60 Hz
    Power 30W
    Dimensions 375*355*100mm
    Weight 5.2KG

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